Work with me


I want to work with you…

No really, I want to work WITH you. I will not be the person that will work ahead of you or without you, I will work alongside of you.

See I want to be your person. I want to be your best friend that knows you inside and out. We have discussed exactly who you want to be and where you want to go with your goals.

What topics can I help you with?

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Travel Assistance

  • Copywriting

I am committing to this because I know how it feels to work with someone who just does not listen to you at all. Someone who you tell exactly what you want and then does the opposite.

Do people not realize you are in your most vulnerable state when you are assigning someone to be your engagement photographer? When you commit to giving someone your full and undivided attention to the videographer for over 3 hours when you could be catching up on updating your website, you expect an incredible project in return for your time.

So are you thinking “Gina, where have you been all my life?” If you are, I am thinking the same thing about you! Below I have all my offers so that you can easily see what we can do together!


“Gina where have you been all my life?”