As we start to cozy up inside, how do we stay productive?


We all know the feeling:

Fall hits and we get that same feeling: we cozy up inside our home, we don’t go to the gym because frankly it’s too cold to move, we wear big sweaters, and we forget all responsibility. Honestly, people COMPLETELY change in the fall/winter months. I know I do. My mood is completely different.

If you are lucky you don’t suffer from seasonal depression. For some people though, this is all too common.

When there is a will there is a way.


No one wants to be anti-productive. I mean think about the last time you said “I never want to do anything with my life and all I want to do is sit in my bed alone". I would say 98% of us do not ever say that. Most people genuinely want to accomplish great things, but external factors are always “getting in the way”.

Let’s for one day though not blame it on everything around us. I mean COME ON. We have heard this before from my site: YOU control your life. What is AROUND you does NOT control your life.

This is easier said then done. If you are a woman you know this change in season like the back of your hand… think of like your cycle: your productivity changes based on that. (For more on this take a listen to this podcast by Jenna Kutcher: Click here)

Let’s dive into it:

If you are going to get where you want to be, you need to start COMMITTING to those goals no matter what the time of year is. No matter what season you are in, YOU have to OWN IT. So how are we going to stay productive?

Stop blaming your lack of productivity on other people/things.

The highlight of this whole entire post is this exact statement. Why are you sitting there blaming outside forces on your problems? The reality is that YOU are the only person that gets to decide how your life goes. No one really cares if you don’t do the things you said you were going to do. Only YOU care. Not just that, but no one’s opinion matters in the first place? Why are you letting yourself stoop to that level?

Are you lacking productivity to fit in?

What I mean by this is that are you not doing the things you want to do because it’s not popular? Do you truly want to do all of these things you say you do? Are you not doing them because well… Jeremy is sitting at home drinking red wine and he says that what you are doing is just down right weird? STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE. Start listening to what you said you wanted to do. Be the TRENDSETTER. Stop following what others want you to believe and decide for yourself.

Find your time in the day that you can commit to doing work EVERY SINGLE DAY.

What if you just committed that one hour everyday? You found your hour that is meant FOR YOU and no one else. I am telling you if you just found that hour things would be different for your career. This hour cannot be associated with things that mess up your work flow though. My favorite place to go is a coffee shop. No one talks to you and you can focus. The energy is CONTAGIOUS. You can do the things you need to do without anyone stopping you mid-sentence. Oh, and put your phone away while you are at it.

Tell your friends that you need encouragement from them.

Your number one supporters are your friends, but they can also be the people that sabotage your success. Your good friends are going to do this accidentally. Listen, everyone is out with their own agendas. It’s not your friends fault that they want you to come to the movies with them on a Saturday afternoon. It is your fault though if you know you have work to do and you struggle to say no. I am not saying to not make time for the important people in your life. I am saying though, make time for the things that will get you to your ideal, exceptional life.

Do not overwork yourself in the winter months when you know getting the groove is already hard enough.

If the cold months are when you lack productivity, stop thinking that you need to be superwoman. In fact, the more you try to add to your to do list, the more you feel like you have no gotten anything done. Find the ONE thing you want to get done this winter. For me, my goal for this winter is to launch my “Say no” workshop. That is my ONE focus because I know that since the holidays are here, I will lack productivity in other areas of my life.

Create a morning routine that you can actually stick to.

Starting your day YOUR way is the first key to having a productive day. In fact, what if you combined some of the things we talked about earlier into your morning routine? You wake up and begin to be productive by starting your first our of your day doing work work. That way you do not need to spend the rest of the day focused on your work and you can spend that time around the holidays with your family. For example: a morning routine could include doing your start today journal, having coffee and breakfast, and doing 1-hour of your work for your business, and then going on a 20 - 30 minute run. HOLY HELL. That kind of morning will make you feel like you can accomplish anything.

Start today, not tomorrow.

How many time have you told yourself “I’ll start the workout on Monday”? How many times have you said that and not actually started on Monday? I bet you every. Single. Time. If you say you are going to do it another day you are holding yourself back. You don’t even know if you are going to make it to money. TIME IS A PRIVILEGE. Not everyone gets as many hours on earth as you do. So take advantage of it today.