What makes me perfect for you?


I have achieved a lot, but trust me I have failed a lot too.

Here is what I am not: I am not a professional therapist and I was not a business major. Nor am I a doctor or a best selling author.

Here is what I am: A professional musician from The Voice, a student in creative advertising, a photographer, a videographer, a copywriter, and overall a mentor to all those around me.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I am one of you. Let me say that one more time:


This means I have been defeated many times. I have been kicked off a reality show on national television. Not only that, but I have been mistreated by men in the music industry who thought they knew what was right for me. People have broken my heart and I have broken others hearts. In my career I have been told no by employers who said that I either did not enough experience or had too much experience for the job they offered.

On the other hand, I have also achieved many great things.As the vice president of philanthropy for Sigma Kappa, I’ve led a body of women in charitable endeavors across a wide array of efforts. I am an activist for women’s rights and push for women of all backgrounds to become their own boss. I have made it on a televised singing competition at seventeen. I was invited by PINK to be on a panel for “boss women” on my college campus. What am I to my friends? Well, they might say I am crazy, but that is because I dream big. Most of the time, like you, or maybe not yet, I have my life together and kill the day. I crave independence and strive for greatness.

The best thing about letting me guide you is that I am here for you and I will not stop until you achieve your biggest goals.

I will train you in what I know to help you get to where you want to be and I will achieve goals alongside you. We will build each other up and pick each other up when someone brings us down.

If these things sound great to you, than you are in the right place. You have committed yourself to achieving success. What I want you to realize is that you cannot do it all alone. We all need a source of guidance, and I’m willing to be that source for you. With my experience and your ideas, we can help you fulfill your truest potential, because you know you owe it to yourself. I don’t offer regrets in my sessions, it’s not part of my equation and it’s no means to success. So… let’s get to work. 

We have a lot of work to do.