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The world is a vast place just waiting to be explored. I think a mistake a lot of people make is that they think that they have time to do everything they want to do later.

I am not saying buy a plane ticket for tomorrow, or maybe you should, but I am saying do not let the reality that you may have tomorrow stop you from traveling today.

I do not believe that you should ever just spend every penny and put yourself in debt to travel, but if you have no one but yourself to entertain, let the world be your personal guide.

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Let’s get you to where you are meant to go and capture it in vivid color.

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How to live like a local when abroad!

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A city in 60 seconds

I only need 60 seconds to tell you everything you need to see in these cities!

London, UK- click me

More Cities: coming soon!

Philadelphia, PA - COMING SOON

Washington DC - COMING SOON

New York City, NY - COMING SOON



Not to worry,

Travel Kits: coming soon!

I appreciate your patience, I want your trip to be perfect.