Top 5 Instagram Apps You Need


Okay, so I am sure you all have been wondering how the Instagram “pros” create these incredible Instagram stories, collages, and photographs. When I first got started, it kind of seemed impossible for me to be able to create the same things that top influencers were doing, but what I did not know is that everything they were doing could be taught. Yes, the creativity aspect is going to be something that has to be developed in you, but I have a feeling though that with my help, you are going to figure this all out.

That is why I am giving you all the info on my top 5 best apps to create the BEST Instagram photographs. I will tell you exactly the best ways to use these apps and for what Instagram features. I will also give you some examples of how I use them on my own page.

These are not Instagram apps for helping you organize your feed. I will be doing a post on that later! This is strictly for creating amazing visionary pieces.

Remember: You should NOT copy someone else’s ideas or posts. Instead you should start to use their examples as inspiration for your own posts.


App 1: Unfold

USE FOR: Instagram posts AND stories

You have probably seen my posts on my stories of Instagram with funky rips on them? This comes straight from this app! Something I love about this app is that there are so many opportunities for you to create your own vision in each pack. They have tons of different fonts for you to use and stickers (new feature). I suggest having each pack have a different purpose to you. These should align with your brand message.

For example: I like to use the rips (RP1) for my story, I think they give that vintage feel without being full on throw back. I LOVE using them for my weekly Tumblr Inspo… It is so fun to get to create collages that represent a certain feeling each week. I use the camera roll style (FF1) for my actual Instagram feed posts because I think that the black styled FF1’s look nicely with the other photographs I have on my feed.


App 2: Lightroom

USE FOR: Instagram posts

I love the Lightroom app. It is SO useful for quick on-the-go posts. No computer needed. AND it is SOOO simple to use. Here is my caution: I only suggest this is if you do not mind the photographs not being the best quality when you post. Why? Because when you upload the photos to your phone and then edit, you are diminishing the quality. To keep the colors as they are, it is best to shoot in RAW and then download those to Lightroom on your laptop. Difference is that this Lightroom costs money with an Adobe Plan on your laptop.

Some quick tips for Lightroom: find your favorite Preset and save it so you can use it over and over on photographs. It is best to make or find 3 or 4 presets that look good together. Not every preset is going to look good on every photo! You may need to do some adjusting yourself. That is why I suggest having more than 1.


App 3: 8mm

USE FOR: Instagram stories

I am obsessed with this app because it can be a make or break your Instagram story. Throughout your day pulling out this app to capture different footage is so fun. It creates a vintage feeling to each piece. What I love is that you can also save these clips and then make a video collage for highlight reels or even for a gift to a friend!

This app does cost $2.99, but I promise that it is worth it! It will make your Instagram stories consistent and help to make your story highlights consistent and on brand.


App 4: continual

USE FOR: Instagram stories

I am in love with this app for the purpose of showing different projects I have done, on my Instagram story. All you do is upload your video to the app and it cuts the video into 15 second clips (the length that an Instagram Story can be). This is great if you do vlogs or want to talk in the camera. It can be so annoying to start your conversation on your Insta story and then next thing you know the story ends. This takes away those problems!


App 5: Tezza app

USE FOR: Instagram Stories

I am going to say this first: I do not recommend the Tezza App for Instagram posts. I say this because the Tezza App is not as easy to make your photos “your own” with. With the Lightroom app you can easily customize the color of ANY photograph even when you have a preset on it. This makes it all you, all the time.

The Tezza App is my favorite for Instagram stories because you can use it on the go and upload it to your story right away. You can edit collages or even videos as well to help create your brand. My cautionary tale with this app is to just make sure you are doing everything you can to not be “just like Tezza”. She has created this brand herself and for you to copy it does not show your audience your originality! You can do this!