What I have learned the last 22 years


They say I was always a little crazy…

Crazy in a good way, though. My family has always told me I was someone who never took “no” for an answer since a young age and always moved to the beat of my own drum. As I have grown, things definitely have not changed. I still strive to be the best version of myself in my own way. I look for personal growth and giant reasons for why I get to live the life I do. I try to stumble upon the unknown as often as I can. Nothing has changed, and at the same time everything has.

For one, I definitely do not still wear bright blue eyeliner (THANK GOODNESS). Oh, and I also am a little more sane when it comes to being in love. I have definitely sprouted in my understanding of art and have a clear sense of bewilderment when my favorite musicians hit those impossible notes. I think what I am trying to say is that my appreciation for the world has grown.

I want to share some things I have learned about life in the past 22 years. 22 Things to be exact.

Let me know what you have learned in your life too.


22 things:

  1. Being there for yourself should be your #1 priority.

  2. Failing is not an option, it is a priority of life.

  3. Being a dreamer does not make your weak.

  4. The perfect outfit can make or break your day.

  5. Say “no” more often than you say “yes” so that your “yes’s” are meaningful and worth your time.

  6. Take the pictures, then put the phone down.

  7. Do not bring your phone to the dinner table.

  8. Never stop learning. Reach for the book, the museum ticket, and the podcast episode.

  9. Do not listen to too many murder podcasts or else you won’t be able to go running without looking around at least 10 times.

  10. Stop being selfish, and do ONE thing to help save the planet.

  11. Don’t date an asshole.

  12. Traveling alone is the BEST way to travel.

  13. Being reliable is an incredible trait to have.

  14. Don’t be late. Everyone’s time is worth something.

  15. Surround yourself with people you want to become, not people who hold you back from that vision.

  16. Finding your truths in life is the key to a happy life.

  17. No one else’s opinion of you matters except for your own.

  18. Become self-sufficient early on in life.

  19. Don’t whine. No one likes a whiner.

  20. Do not bring yourself in debt to achieve your dreams… that means take planned-out-chances.

  21. Do not let your nail polish chip away, it looks unhealthy.

  22. Write down your memories, because if you are like me you will easily forget some of the best laughs you’ve ever had.