The first three steps to achieving your dreams


Step 1

Write down what your dreams are.

One of the first problems that many people have is they let their dreams marinate in their mind. The mind can conjure up a lot of things. Your mind can tell you that you are a failure, that you are not good enough, or even that you are not successful enough now to achieve what you want to later. If your mind can tell you all of that then it might just tell you that your dreams are too big. THIS IS NOT THE CASE, THOUGH! Most dreams we give ourselves are in reach, contrary to what your mind tells you.

What if, though, writing things down helped you manifest your future and acknowledge your ability to succeed? A practice I love is to each day discuss my goals with myself. Where do I want to be? In one day, one week, one month, or one year?

Step 2

Do your research.

Look up the successes and the failures of the business you want to be in. Whether that be wedding planning, writing a book, or start a podcast; learn what people did well and what people did not do well. Make a list of the things you LOVED that people have done, and the things you can do better and how you will do them better.

Write down the trends in the business. These trends should be creative trends and they should also be business trends.

Finally, research your tribe. Who in your crew can help you achieve your dreams? What I am not asking you to do is find a business partner (unless someone has the same giant dream as you at the same caliber), I am asking you to find people you can go to for advice when you get stuck. Have them read through your website, give you advice on your schedule, or if they are tech-savvy, talk you through making a facebook page.

Step 3

Create your lists.

The problem is, many dreamers have so many dreams (*cough cough* me) that they can get overwhelmed with their ideals. There is an easy way to combat this: lists. The lists you will create will help you take things one step at a time. It will aid you in not feeling overwhelmed in the vast array of things you want to accomplish in your life.