Recruitment Videography Do’s and Don’ts


I was fortunate enough to film for JMU’s Panhellenic Recruitment this year. This project consisted of a teaser video, a photo shoot, and a recruitment video. Now, I first want to say DO NOT take on this job if you do not feel prepared and do not have good knowledge of what you are doing behind a camera lens. BUT if you are ready… take on this job, because it will be one of the most fun and rewarding things you’ve ever done.


With that, here are my do’s and don’ts of filming a sorority recruitment video.



Do come prepared with your laptop ready to edit photos throughout the recruitment process.

ecruitment is a lot of down time. You will be able to edit many of the photographs in between rounds. This is perfect to get photos to your client for their Instagram and also to help document your photographs on your Instagram throughout the process. Also, this will get people TO YOUR PAGE! This tripled my account views during recruitment because people were wanting to stay in the know with what I was doing.


Do schedule out your filming in advance.

Get the recruitment schedule from the head of recruitment and plan out what houses you will go to during what time. JMU recruitment is simple in the fact that every house is next to each other, but this is not the same at every school. Scope out the area and find out how many houses there are and what will be the most beneficial for your time.

Do talk to the head of recruitment about what THEY want for the video.

This is ESSENTIAL. You cannot assume that they will (1) want everything that a normal recruitment video has… like glitter or (2) want everything the previous recruitment video for that school had. For example, the head of recruitment at JMU wanted me to show the ACTUAL process and not have any frills of girls being forced to get in front of the camera. She wanted REAL behind the scenes action.




Don’t try to get all your filming done in one day.

You will not be required to stay the whole entire set of days of recruitment. I do highly encourage you though to stay as much as you can in order to get the best shots and get every sorority featured in the video. As much of a hassle as it can be to do this, your video will turn out SO much better if you are able to get everything shot that you need in a more spread out manor.


Don’t hold off editing until the week of.

Preparing in advance is always the best thing to do. I like to get a final video to my client a day or two before, especially for recruitment, in order to make sure that there is nothing that needs to be changed in the video. For example, sororities have strict rules on having any alcohol in a video… even if it is just a sign! This is so important to remember in case any editing needs to be done.

STAY POSITIVE and do not get in anyone’s way.

This sounds VERY OBVIOUS, but I am telling you it is not that simple. The camera crew always needs to be positive and ready to help out in any way. With my client is essential to me that I treat them like family. This is just as rough on them as it is on you, especially during recruitment periods. With that, be ready to lend a helping hand or do a coffee run. Remind them they are doing amazing! You should be their crutch! If all you do is offer “services” one day you’ll be in, and the next out. The reality is, anyone can learn how to film. NOT everyone has the people skills that you have to accelerate your business.