The guide to:

Planning a photoshoot

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Calling all aspiring photographers, models, influencers, and creatives. Let’s discuss your next photo shoot. If you are here, I can imagine you already do photo shoots, but I can also imagine that a handful of you want to, or are just so damn curious about what this is all about.

In this guide you will learn how to plan for your photo shoot. This will be in a calendar style format so that you know exactly when to do each step. This is how I plan the majority of my shoots so that I am prepped and ready to go when the time comes for the shoot day! I use this as a creative and as a photographer.

So not matter if you love to be in front of the camera or behind the camera, I have got you covered. Just because you like to model, does not mean you should avoid the planning process.



14 days out

I like to have my planning process begin around 2-3 weeks out of when my ideal posting time is going to be. Posting time means the time that I plan to put this on my website or on my social media platforms.

So what do you need to do at this point?

  1. Have a meeting with your photographer or model regarding this vision. What is the purpose of this shoot? Is this filler content, is this for travel, or is it for a certain holiday? The list goes on, those are just some ideas.

  2. Schedule a shoot date and the location of the shoot

    1. The location of the shoot: You should have in mind your ideal background for this shoot. Come with a mood board started so you have the vibes of the setting.

  3. Set intentions and goals up until the shoot date with your photographer. Who is responsible for the equipment? Mood board? Etc.

10 - 14 days out

At this point you should be focusing on your mood board. Your mood board is going to help you decide more clearly what types of shots you want, what you want to wear, and exactly where you want to shoot.

Mood board musts

  1. Location ideas (not exact locations, but the style of the locations)

  2. Posing ideas

  3. Outfit inspiration

  4. Color decisions - what is the color theme of the shoot? For example: for 4th of July I wanted the coloring to of course be red, white and blue.


Use Pinterest to get great color aesthetic ideas. Search “A COLOR” and then the word “aesthetic”.

7 days out

Outfit planning begins! Ensure that your model or your photographer knows what they will be wearing. This may not necessarily be the whole entire outfit, at this point. This may just be the statement pieces, or the things they really want to highlight in their look.

Examples:Statement earrings, overalls, maxi dresses, certain makeup (for more beauty styled shots), or the shoes.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 3.44.23 PM.png

This photograph shows the statement pieces in action: my shoes and my sunglasses. Analyze how they are highlighted in the photograph.

5 days out

Check in with your team to make sure everyone is good to go for the shoot. Double check on equipment, including space on your cards and that you have a charging plan to make sure you are all juiced up.

Start putting your outfits completely together and gathering any last details for the look.

Go over your location schedule with your team. This means, come up with a detailed timeline for exactly how you are going to do the shoot. Which locations are going to be first?

Create a packing check list so that when your mind is scrambling the day before and day of, you are prepared with the list and do not have to panic about what you might be missing.

The day before

Pack your bags the day before so you do not have to worry about anything the day of except for shooting.

Calling all photographers:

Ideal packing list for the shoot

  • Comfy attire

  • Extra tee if you are going to be outside

  • Extra hair ties

  • Hairbrush for your model

  • Water

  • Extra batteries and extra SD cards

  • Phone charger and/or external battery

  • Pinterest board or pictures ready to go on your phone

the day of

Have a good ass time! This is meant to be fun and as least stressful as possible. The more exciting and fun the environment is, the less it will feel like work, and the more it will fly by and be fun.