How do I keep personal career goals as I go through college?


I get asked a lot how I do it all: keep up with my blog, my Instagram, manage good grades, VP of Philanthropic service, and work on improving my health. If you asked the people closest to me they would say there are A LOT of tears involved in this process. Honestly, they are right. I am prone to tears because my plate is too damn full!  

With that there is this undying feeling of college students that everyone except for them has got it right. That everyone around them has perfect lives and for some reason THEIR’S is not right.

Let’s squash the rumors right now, no one has it all perfect. No one has everything right. Most days something goes wrong. Maybe the people around you have better REACTIONS when things go wrong. I mean really think about this… it is nearly impossible for everyone around you to have everything together ALL THE TIME. Why? Because if they did have it all together than they would be accomplishing a hell of a lot more.

By the way, have you even stopped to ask them? Say hey, tell me how you have it all together? They are going to tell you WHAT?! I HAVE NOTHING TOGETHER!

Now, do not be discouraged, many of us have it much more together than others. I would just like to say the fact that you even clicked on this link, proves that you are determined to make your life better! Which is the first step to development in your goals.

The next step is to implementing some key things to start developing your personal career goals, while still managing to do well in school.

  1. get organized

    I have said this so many times, and I will honestly never change my opinion on this: when you SCHEDULE in time into your calendar HOUR BY HOUR, you COMMIT to achieving your goals.

    If you put it in your calendar, it is set in stone for that day that you will do THAT thing. That you will take the time to go to THAT event or you will make time for your CREATIVE BRAIN TO RECHARGE.

    Go in this order when putting things in your calendar:

                      i.     Classes

                     ii.     Homework

                   iii.     Mandatory meetings

                     iv.     Morning routine and private time to relax

                     v.      Gym

    vi. Personal career goals

    You might be thinking… what the hell… why is personal career goals last? Because here is the deal: I fully believe that you CANNOT achieve your career goals unless you are educating yourself, taking care of yourself, and giving yourself a damn break. It is last because if you want it enough, it WILL fit into your schedule even at 12am.

  2. Stop wasting time on your cell phone.

    Oh no… have the walls came crumbling down for you yet?

    I promise you that when you leave your phone in the other room you won’t miss out on what is going on. Additionally, you will get SO MUCH done.

    Now, if having your phone out of the room is too much for you, I am offering you another solution: cover your phone. I have found that my mind actually forgets that my phone is even there when I just cannot see the phone. When I have it IN VIEW, that is when the problems start to happen.

  3. Do not go with the crowd.

    Raise your hand if you are struggling today with feeling like you need to do what everyone else is doing. Be honest, did you raise your hand? This is totally something I get. I continue to struggle with this, but have learned how to cope with the fact, I just DO NOT want to do what EVERYONE else is doing.

    I am going to give a shoutout to my college women here: no one cares what you are doing.

    I SAID IT. IT IS TRUE! Everyone is thinking about themselves today, tomorrow, and the next. You need to look out for YOURSELF and stop worrying what EVERYONE else is thinking. When you think about what Amber is doing tonight, you are missing out on what truly matters to you. When you think about if Shana is going to mention again how you did not go out tonight, you are missing out on the thoughts that will bring you closer to your goals.

    If you want to go out, then go out. If you do not want to go out, then stay in and grind on what matters to you. It is all about balancing what is important to you.

  4. Utilize the people around you to help you get to where you want to be.

    College is a breeding ground for people who have similar dreams to yours. Think about it… you cannot be the only person who wants to start a business curating your own art collections in Philadelphia. You are not the only person who dreams of being on Wall Street SLAYING the game as a women in the broking business. You are definitely not the only women trying to become top nurse at UPenn hospital. HELL NO! So why are you not scheduling coffee dates with people who know more than you?

    Being the smartest person in the room SUCKS. That means you cannot learn from anyone around you. Being that middle tier person… HELL YES! You are in college to learn, why not learn about something you want to learn about? Why not step out of your comfort zone and ask that professor that you have never spoken to if you can go to their office hours to pick their brain?

    My tip for any of these meetings: GO PREPARED! Have questions written down ahead of time so that you know exactly what to ask them. Do not waste someone’s time, make it worth while.

  5. gym + greens = motivation. Period.

    When you go to the gym and you eat your greens you feel DAMN GOOD. Your body says thank you 1000 times when you give it what has been asking for all along. I know you may not want to, but I am telling you when you exercise each day and eat well each day it makes all the difference.

    Why am I telling you this? Because when you give your body energy you are LESS exhausted and have MORE time to work your ass off on what matters to you.

    I showed you on your calendar list that going to the gym comes before putting your personal career work time in your calendar. You WILL NOT succeed at the magnitude that you can if you are not healthy.