A city in 60 seconds

London, UK


Sights to see

  1. Buckingham Palace

  2. St. Paul’s Cathedral

  3. Westminster Abbey

  4. Tate Britain/Modern

  5. Victoria and Albert Museum

  6. National Portrait Gallery

  7. London Eye

  8. Parliament

Food to eat

  1. Duck and Waffle

  2. Sketch

  3. Farm Girl

  4. The Good Egg

  5. Boqueria

  6. Shuang Shuang

  7. Aqua Shard

  8. The Wolseley


Places to drink

  1. The Roxy

  2. Cahoots

  3. Skygarden

  4. Primrose hill (BYOB)

  5. The Rum Kitchen (get the skull drink)

Best places to shop

  1. Brick Lane (vintage)

  2. Harrods

  3. Carnaby Street

  4. Piccadilly Circus

  5. Covent Garden

  6. Camden

  7. Oxford Street


How should I pose?

Posing is like dancing. You are either really good at it, or you step on everyones toes. Either way, this is an art that anyone can master. One key thing to the perfect pose is fluidity. One way to do this is to wear clothes that offer movement. Something breathable like a maxi dress or soft pants. This gives you free range.

Take a look at your favorite models or Instagrammers. How are they posing? Most of the time, they are just having fun! Using props (even if a BFF is your prop) can make it very easy to feel comfortable while shooting.

If you are a rookie at posing my recommendations are to have the person go at a low angle, have a prop, and have a Pinterest board to get inspiration. If all else fails take 200 photos because I guarantee one will look great.


What should I wear?

URBN Style - Click on the picture to purchase

Worst 5 fits:

  1. Crop tops

  2. High heels (too many cobblestones)

  3. Tiny shorts

  4. Glitter everything

  5. FOR REAL THOUGH: just about anything goes in this city. Moral of the story: fast fashion

Best 5 fits:

  1. Fashion sneakers with ANYTHING

  2. Business wear

  3. Long trenches with jeans underneath

  4. Maxi dresses with booties

  5. Simple tee with midi skirt


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