Kline’s Dairy Bar


Let’s chat.

So I am not exactly into ice cream… I know. Sue me over it! Honestly though, unless it is caramel or butter pecan, I am usually not in the mood to be eating the sweetness of ice cream.

I really cannot ever understand how some people can eat ice cream every single night. My dad is an ADDICT. I remember last summer my dad and step-mom said that they were finishing all of the ice cream in the fridge so that they never buy anymore again. Needless to say we still have ice cream in the fridge and they are still addicted.

For me, it just is not that way. Then came Kline’s.

What is the best about Kline’s? The sign? Yes. The ice cream? Yes. The pink checkered wall on the side that I am obsessed with? HELL YES.


The key to a successful photoshoot at Klein’s

  1. Only get the ice cream if you are going to be in the shot. If you are shooting more than one person, have everyone buy their ice cream separately and at different times. This beats the melt!

  2. Get it in a cone. DUH!

  3. Have your shot ideas/list ahead of time. This is a time sensitive soot. Click here for help preparing for the shoot.

  4. Go to the one downtown for the pink checkered walls you see in my photo!

  5. Go at the golden hour so that you can get the perfect lighting.

The top things that I love about Kline’s

  1. The flavors change weekly! Since it is all fresh they only ever have chocolate, vanilla, and then their weekly flavor.

  2. The aesthetic is to die for. They have a neon lit-up giant ice cream cone out front!

  3. The ice cream is incredible. It is made fresh each morning. I LOVE this about Kline’s. They actually take care in their process.

The flavor card


Pick your flavor


My flavor

Brownie Batter

“I hate ice cream. Like actually, I eat it cause I WANT to like it. When it’s Kline’s though, I don’t have to fake it. The view is everything, and from Kline’s Ice Cream Bar, it’s a good one.” - Gina


Brae’s flavor


“A place where I can get a breath of fresh air, forget about stressful senior year responsibilities, and divulge in some much deserved calories before adult life kicks back into gear.” - Braelyn


laur’s flavor


“It’s really a scoop of the valley. All good taste. All the time. I think the cows would be proud.” - Lauren


The necessities


The address

58 E Wolfe St, Harrisonburg, VA

2425 S Main St, Harrisonburg, VA

The hours

Sunday - Thursday

10:30am - 10pm

Friday & Saturday

10:30am - 10:30pm