How to consistently brand your Instagram


Your feed does not matter as much as you think…


I am not kidding though. Having a beautiful feed is NOT the answer to your problems of why your content is not on brand with what you want it to be.

Why people get stuck in this thought that your tiles on your page have to be perfect, I am not sure. I am here to debunk that myth though. Think about this: your followers are there because they love what you are posting and what you have to say. I can almost 100% guarantee they are not there because they are into how your feed looks.

With that… I am stopping for one more PSA: I am NOT going to show you in this post how to make your Instagram feed consistent based on how your page looks as a whole.

We are instead going to dissect how to make your Instagram feed consistent in the CONTENT.


Here is a funky fresh example for you:

Think about a photographer. They have their style set – that is what I am going to teach. Think about how not every single shoot is the same lighting and coloring. So how do they get that consistency down? They have a BRAND.

Let’s dissect.

We are only discussing your images for your feed currently. There are many ways to use Instagram that you should utilize to keep up with your brand. The purpose of this conversation is to show you exactly how to keep those photographs consistent in content.

There are two things you should focus on when creating your branded Instagram feed.

  1.   Message

  2. Content



  • Keep the SAME message in every single post you do. I do not mean you need to have your caption say every single time: “You should always remember to smile”.

  • I mean you need to try a different way each time to spread your mission.

  • Find new ways to make your message reflective of your mission.

  • For example: My mission is to help others create their best life.

    • How do I make this reflective in the messages I am putting out? I post messages like:

      • How to say no to the things that do not help you thrive

      • Photo shoot preparation guides

      • How to live like a local

  • Why are we branding our message?

    • Because people want to trust you and want to know you are someone that they can rely on. It would be very uninviting if you one day were posting witty captions and the next day were posting lengthy captions about your feelings.

    • Everyone has different people they follow for different reasons. You may go to one influencer for their inspiration, but go to another for their motivational message.


    1. In a later post we will start discussing how to find your mission.

      To get started though ask yourself:

      What do my friends go to me about?

      What do people say I am good at?

      What someone asks me for advice, what usually is the topic?

      What types of topics are people engaging with the most that I post?


Find your style! This is something that will take time to develop. For goodness sake, style is an evolution! So if you are different now then you were 5 months ago that is TOTALLY OKAY!

  • When someone stumbles upon your content what are they saying to themselves? What are they feeling?

  • What kinds of quality are you putting into this content? THERE IS NO WRONG ANSWER!

    • Are these photographs that are of you in your go to outfits or are these photographs of you in a very artsy way representing a brand?

    • Are you a travel guru who shoots the coolest photographs in the goofiest ways?

    • Do you love to post cool furniture in muted tones?

  • There are many ways that you can find that style. What are you drawn to on Pinterest? What does your “photo idea” board look like?

Focus on these 3 parts of your content:

  1. Context – what is in the actual photograph. Is this more lifestyle or is this travel? There are many types of context you can have.

  2. Texture and color – what are the color schemes you are going for? This does not have to stay the same!! I am more saying here: are we focused on bright colors that shine! Or are we going for darker tones? Or muted tones? This will reflect your brand.

  3. Feeling – what are people feeling when they see your content? Are they going to feel inspired (well that is the goal isn’t it?) Are you making them excited or are you creating something that says let’s chill? There is not wrong answer here! The point is you want to set that feeling when they come to your page.


Do you see now why your “flow” really does not matter as much as you think?

Think about those content creators that you die for. That are creating some incredible works of art. They have a BRAND and a CONSISTENCY that you can have too.

Challenge for you:

Sit down with yourself and create your mood board for your brand.

What is included in the mood board:

  • Inspiration photographs

  • quotes

  • your mission statement

  • color swatches

  • fonts

want to see my mood boards?

Head to my Pinterest!