Your excuses for not becoming something bigger

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We have all been in the position before where we make an excuses for not being where we want to be in our lives. We say “it just is not the right time for me” or “that is not the type of person I am” or “I will never be that focused and dedicated”.

To be honest though, I am tired of hearing this from my friends and people I know! Why do we assume that we have to be in some perfect state of life in order to accomplish the things we want to accomplish? Why are we assuming that every single person who has achieved something great was just in the right place at the right time. HELL NO!

If you cannot commit to this dream now, than you honestly may never commit to it. Some cold hard truth right there. Let’s talk about some of these excuses we make for ourselves and how to combat them.

  1. it is not the right time

    So you are telling me that one day will be the right time? I just cannot see this being the case. Let’s think about this… when is the right time then? Here is the deal, we go through seasons of ups and downs. Although we do not know when these will happen, these are just a fact of life. Nothing will ever be perfect, so why are you waiting until they are perfect? As much as you should be realistic about what season you are at in your life, do not assume that tomorrow will be the perfect moment to take the leap for your dreams.

  2. I dont have the time

    So you say you do not have the time. You have 5 classes at the University, a boyfriend, run a sorority as President, and also work as a waitress to make money to pay your rent. Okay, so yes, you are booked solid. Here is where you have to do some reworking. If your dream is to write a book, I think too often you probably assume that the first step is to write the book. But girl, take a step back! You do not need to write the book in one day, you should take your time, but constantly have your eyes on the prize.

    How can you do this? Commit a certain amount of time each day to writing that book or at least doing research on publishing, brainstorming new ideas for the book you want to write, or creating an outline for your book.

    If you commit at least 5 hours a week (thank you Rachel Hollis for this insight), than you can make headway on this book you have dreams to right. Your dreams should come to the front of your to-do list if they are as important as you say they are. So yes, you do have time. You have to make that time.

  3. I cannot afford to chase my dream.

    You do not need $1,000,000 to chase your dreams. I am going to say you really do not even need $10. Why is this true? If you have internet, searching things online costs no money. If you do not have internet, the public library costs no money and they have computers that you can use.

    I am QUEEN of constantly thinking that buying a new notebook is going to make me achieve my dreams, but the reality is you do not need to buy need fancy papers to write down how you are going to achieve your dreams.

    Some other free learning tools:

    Podcasts, books (from the library), mentors and friends, and the internet.