How to dress for a job interview


dream of this:

You walk into your job interview with the EXACT credentials the company wants, you ask all the right questions, and they even show you around the office. At the same time though, your hair is in a messy bun, shirt is wrinkly, your pants do not fit, and let’s not even mention your shoes that have bar sludge still on them. 

You don’t get the job.

Seems pretty obvious right? You did not get the job because you showed up unprofessional looking.

Not fear, I am here to help you stand out from the rest. Help you nail that job you have had your eyes on since you knew of the company’s existence.


Two things will happen when you show up looking your best:

  1. You are going to FEEL confident and ready to ace the interview.

  2. They are going to look at you as if you were sent from the heavens of professionalism. ESPECIALLY if you know your stuff too.

There is not a company in this world that does not want to hire someone that does not look and feel their best each day. They want to hire people who produce clients that are going to keep coming back because they love your enthusiasm, professionalism, and excitement about their brand. With that, I always feel that that first step to having those traits is to dress your best.

There are many styles that you could go for and there are many types of companies that you may apply for.

  1. Casual work force (casual doesn’t mean unprofessional)

    1. Production, fashion, art

  2. Business casual work force (business casual doesn’t mean what you wore to your job interview at the restaurant you worked at in college)

    1. Marketing and advertising

  3. Highly professional work force (highly professional doesn’t mean creative)

    1. Doctors, Wall Street, high level positions


No matter what category you are in, you should ALWAYS look professional for work. Even if you are dressed casual, you are representing who you each time you step into an office. If you dress sloppy, they will assume your work is sloppy. If you dress very straight laced and tight, they may see you as someone who doesn’t like to stretch outside their comfort zone and has a conservative approach to business. If you dress more stylistically with pieces with flow, they may see you as someone more loud and creative.

Dressing one way doesn’t make it wrong, but all I am saying is that what you wear sparks an impression from others towards you.

Below you can find a look from Pinterest and then clickable links to follow. REAL items you can buy!


Lets break down the looks

PSA: these styles are not for everyone. You might not be into wearing things that are more out there. These styles may not be for you!


Casual work


Business casuaL


Highly professional


In closing…

You’ve got this, girl! You can get that job you have always wanted. Wearing your best look will just get you another step there! The real world is scary… trust me… I am about to be in it in a few months and my knees are shaking! BUT. Hard work and dedication go a long way. So does a good pair of heels.


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