Back to school, but make it fashion

Alright, so we have to have a talk. The college classroom is just not the place to roll up with bedhead. THERE I SAID IT. I know what you are thinking… Gina, really? No one really cares what I look like in class.


I beg to differ though.

What if I told you that when you dress up for class, or just dress more to impress your professor than for your bed, you could do better in class? You could feel more awake and alive? You could walk with your shoulders back a little more? Do better on your exams and get that extra nudge with your professor because they see you show up ready for the day?

Let’s sit with that for a second. Who else puts something on that they LOVE and they feel invincible?

*I raise both of my hands*


How would you dress if you were about to walk up to your future boss, future boyfriend, future roommate, or future coworker? I bet you wouldn’t roll up in a t-shirt and sweats.

Everyone around you may be in your future. That is a scary thought… I know for sure that if my coworkers knew who I was before I started giving a damn about my goals, what I wore, and my overall quality of life, that my life could have turned out different.

Hey 16-year-old Gina with the blue eyeliner obsession, I am talking to you!


Before you exit this post… I am not saying:

that you can’t wear sweatpants to class. Hell no!! I am saying hell yes wear sweats to class. Let’s style those sweats up though. Let’s make our natural beauty shine with a dope t-shirt. Bed head? Hey, not to worry cause you have that really cute hat and know how to throw in a quick braid.

I want you to AMP UP YOUR LOOK! Be confident in those sweats and do not let yourself feel like your sweats are keeping you held up in class because you are falling asleep in your pajamas.


Style 1:The sweatpants


Style 2: The Spandex


Style 3: The Sweatshirt


How to style these looks