Swim Season has arrived

Let us break the stigma now: there is no “one” swimsuit for anybody. You can wear WHATEVER YOU WANT! In this fit session I am going to help you show off what you love about yourself and revamp what is not your favorite.


When you:

Love your arms but not your bust

Why do these work?


When you:

  1. Give yourself a little lift on your bust with a inward cinch. This brings the bust together and gives you a little boost no matter what size you bust you have.

  2. Don’t hide your arms! Straps on the shoulders are much better to accentuate your arms than off the shoulder straps.

  3. Think about how that crop top looks that you just love: you can wear this as a swim piece! Add some texture to that piece, like Cheetah Print and the focus will go on the pattern NOT your chest.

Love your booty but not your waist

Why do these work?


When you:

  1. Allowing your bathing suit to begin at your waist allows your waist to be an accent to your legs and make them look even longer!

  2. Majority of high-waisted bathing suits give the booty a little lift and give you room to show it off.

  3. One-piece dreaming is perfect for the women who love their booty but want to cover up their waist. If the one-piece has a seam in the center right above your waist line it allows your hips and chest to do the talking for you.

Love your legs but not your shoulders

Why do these work?

  1. I know the feeling of having broad shoulders and wanting to cover them up, but my lesson has been learned: they are meant to be SHOWN OFF! How do we do this? Skinny straps.

  2. Itsy-bitsy-bikini is perfect because it elongates your torso and gives your legs ultimate length.

  3. By not covering your arms you are allowing your shoulders to stay in a natural position. The moment you ad a strap on your bicep you are scrunching your shoulders up.