About Zo


Gina zo started her creative journey in Philadelphia, PA, where she was born and raised. She was the girl with the bowl cut who convinced you to let her put on a piano recital for you in the dining room. Since she was a child, Gina had hundreds of dreams in her head at every moment. We are talking dreams to win a Grammy, travel the world, and to create the unimagined, but not dreams to travel back in time and fix mistakes she may have made along the way.

When Gina Zo was 17 she auditioned for NBC’s The Voice in New York City, and from there went on to become a member of Team Blake for Season 10. Gina describes this experience as one she cannot forget, but not necessarily one she would want to do again. Not because of defeat, but because it has pushed her to do so much more. Gina does not like to retrace her steps, but instead look for more in the world.

This tireless, once in a lifetime opportunity, opened Gina’s eyes to the creative arts. Today, Gina is a creative advertising student, but if you were to only give her that title, you would be missing the whole point. Gina creates, travels, writes, sings, and doesn’t miss the chance to get a good bite to eat.



Snap Snap!

Since a young age, Gina has always loved getting her picture taken. She has always loved the feeling of movement when she is in the moment. At the same time, she has an interest in capturing how people react when put in front of a camera.

Realizing her talent, she began to take up photography and began to gain an understanding of how to create the perfect moment and capture it in the blink of an eye.


Across the sea!

Gina’s watchful eye is one of her best qualities. She’s an observer; interested in whatever meets her eye . Solo travel is her passion because it allows her to have no distractions and encapsulate herself with the art of living in other cultures.



Her appetite is her best friend. Yes, her eyes definitely are hungrier than her stomach. Gina craves a good meal, and not just one that looks good, but one that tastes extravagant.


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