25 Time Management Tips for a Productive Day


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So exclusive I am begging you to keep this a secret between us. We don’t want to spill everything now, do we?

I thought there would be nothing more important to share first than a list of the 25 time management tips. This is the first thing to do discuss because we cannot move forward with our day if we are not in the right head space.

If you cannot create a schedule and be on top of your time, than you risk the negative results: not getting anything done.


Let’s get started

  1. Wake up early

  2. Set aside specific time in the week to do these tasks so that you cannot miss them

  3. Plan your week on Sunday

  4. Have 3 mandatories for each day - what MUST get done

  5. Be realistic with yourself of what can get done on your list of to do

  6. Build off of a solid morning routine

  7. Have to do lists for each part of your life (personal, work, business, school, etc)

  8. Give the simple tasks to others if you can

  9. Put your phone away when you are working on things that do not require the use of your phone

  10. Have a solid Google calendar schedule

  11. Set a timer for each task so that you stay on track (This does not mean you cannot push the boundaries of this and go over time when needed)

  12. Find your time of the day when you are the most productive

  13. Do not go on social media unless it is part of your task

  14. Take breaks and legitimately put them into your Google calendar schedule

  15. Get good sleep

  16. Organize your surroundings

  17. Listen to music without words - symphonies work best

  18. Say “no” until you are 100% positive it can fit into your schedule

  19. Only have your mind set on ONE goal at a time

  20. Give yourself one off day a week to ease your mind and to get inspired

  21. Get up and walk around often

  22. Focus on the specifics, not just the big picture. Choose very certain things in your schedule, not just “work on my whole Instagram”

  23. Do work in an environment that suits you. Be honest: can you do work around others or are you easily distracted?

  24. Are you a stay at home mom? Hire a babysitter for at least 1-2 hours a day so that you can get your work done and not be distracted

  25. Enjoy yourself! Sounds simple, but the more stressed you are, the less you accomplish.

    Spend more time succeeding and less time worrying about succeeding.