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My name is Gina Zo. Let me start off by saying I am so happy you found my site! Whether you stumbled upon it, have been following me since my time on The Voice, or found me through Instagram, I am just happy you are here.

So, here it goes: I am in my 20s. *cringe* That honestly scares me more every time I say it. They say your 20’s are a time of self-discovery, but the truth is I have been trying to figure out who I am for as long as I can remember. With that, I have always been an absolute mess. One of those messes that makes being a mess look pretty damn good.

I would like to say that yes, I am pretty wise for a 21-year-old, so much so that I have even self proclaimed myself as “boss lady”. The truth is, that anyone can get to this point in their life and kill it.

This is when you ask: what does this have to do with me?

My whole life I have loved being a leader and took pride in being a follower of those who had traits I wanted to acquire. I think everyone wants to lead something in their life at some point. At the same time, we have to learn from others in order to be a thoughtful and powerful leader.

No one wants to be left behind in the dust. Grab the darkest secrets in your mind, your favorite sweater, your notebook and a pen, and let’s have a chat. It is never too late to get yourself on the journey to your personal success! Let’s light a fire under your ass and get this going!

Still not convinced?

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Let’s get creating.


Are you living a life where:

  1. You have a dream business you want to put together but do not know where to begin.

  2. You are so busy with everything going on in your life that you cannot do exactly what YOU want to do.

  3. You have dreams of finding your niche and brand mission, but do not even know what your passions are even at.

  4. You live for others and not yourself, and damn, you are sick and tired of that.

If any of those apply to you, you have come to the right place.


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The ultimate guide:

Zo on the Go

Psssttt…. The guide is coming soon! Not to worry, I have put other goodies on here while you wait.

This is like no other travel kit you have ever seen. I am not just about to tell you what to do in a city, I am going to tell you how to THRIVE in a city. Instagram photos are a science, but they are not rocket science. Let me help you master it in London, Stockholm, Geneva, Paris, and New York City.


How to pose


Where to eat


What to wear

Photography credits to Jess, home owner.

Photography credits to Jess, home owner.

Where to stay


What to see


My Stockholm Look Book

Some inspiration for your next trip abroad.



Show off, you

I believe that your story deserves to be seen. Not just in a polaroid… but in bright, beautiful colors that make someone say “WOW, I want to have this moment too”.

Let your world be shared



Clothing that works for you


I know the feeling:

Standing beside your mirror, looking into your closet, and seeing nothing there.

Nothing has been fitting right for months. You have been working hard at the gym and eating just the way you like it, but still nothing looks good.

Let’s not blame the closet for this one. Instead, let’s fill it with what looks perfect on you so you never have to worry about being 20 minutes late to work again.