A life as wild as this needs to be captured.

Oh say can you see the best gals in town

Thank you to the Tree Bar for hosting us last night!! Tonight we are in Pittsburgh at @thesmilingmoose !! Super pumped for this show. Please come out if you are in the area. It is 21+ and tickets are $10!

Hey Nash, I love you. Thanks for the late night love at The Diner and some good karaoke at Wild Beaver. 🎤 Cobra thank you for hosting us for an amazing show with @jhutcherson and @therealkatahay 🎸

Pre show grubbing with the band. Waffle House cures all pre show night festivities. Come see us @thepourhouse tonight!!! Doors are at 7pm! We go on at 9pm. You won’t want to miss this.

Night one was a MAJOR success!!! 💃🏼 Baltimore thank you for the warm welcome. Thank you to @fishheadcantina for hosting the gig. 🎤 Night off in Virginia Beach and then down to Raleigh, NC tomorrow! 🎸

Two days until tour!!! What should I wear? ⭐️ @camphilbin and I did our shopping spree and now it’s time to get the outfits together... any ideas?! 👗 Inspo?! Feel free to DM me 💌

Gold everything. Thank you @gilliandowson for this beautiful necklace for my birthday!!!! Rehearsal tonight was a success get excited for tour posts starting this Friday 🚙

50 dollars to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower so I thought this view on the ground was good enough. Love you, Paris. ❤️ Call me soon.

Tour is exactly a week from tomorrow.... how time has flown. We are so excited for this journey to begin as a band. I am so thankful for all of your support in this process and I can’t wait to see everyone at the shows!! One thing I’ve learned is that it takes a ton of practice to have a perfect show. My vocals aren’t perfect every day but that doesn’t mean I give up. I keep pushing until they are exactly where I want them to be. Still want a tour shirt? Link is in my bio!!

Okay so my travel bug is SO strong these days.... 🐞 where should I go over winter break?! Any ideas?! AND who is down to come with!!!!??? 🙈

I’m officially a lake person. Thanks Geneva 🌊

The last night. London, your skyline never failed to amaze me. ✈️ champagne skyline is all I ever need.

Thank you to all of my favorite ladies for coming out with me yesterday in New York City to celebrate me turning 21! Legality has hit me hard.

As I turn 21 tomorrow I keep thinking about all of the things I’ve accomplished in 21 years. ✈️ How I’ve experienced heart break, utter joy, bittersweet moments, celebration, and sadness. ⭐️ I’m so thankful for every second I have in this world. Knowing at any moment my life can be taken away. 🌎 on July 28th I ask that you think about your purpose on this earth and put into thought what you are meant to do. ☀️ happy 21 to me, let the games begin 🥂

Crazy seeing old photos of my skin in selfies given to me by my family.... I can’t believe acne used to be such a huge part of my life. 🙊 FOR STARTERS: acne is not to be ashamed of❗️it is completely normal and just a part of being human. With that I want to share with you my secrets to getting clear skin. 💯 • 1. I went on Acutane: although this isn’t ideal for everyone, this was the ONLY thing that got me on the road to clear skin. No other treatments helped me • 2. Switching to an oil based cleanser!! Oil on oily skin is A OKAY! I swear by the @bareminerals Oil Obsessed cleanser • 3. Take off your make up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! After you go out make sure to have them already by your bed so you don’t have to struggle when you are home. If you plan on staying out pack a travel size kit of wipes. • 4. DONT PICK OR POP!! That only spreads the bacteria all over your face and hands. 🧖🏼‍♀️

Rainy nights always have me reminiscing. I am not someone who generally has mood changes depending on the weather but something about this storm has me thinking. ⛈ this photo makes me think of sunshine and London.... two things I’m missing on this rainy Sunday evening. 🌞

This is not an insta v. reality... this is ALL reality. Who’s to say dessert can’t be enjoyed before dinner?? BTW I’m playing @chaplinslive so get your donuts and come enjoy a night of live music with @_laurenlindley

Give me 10 bucks and I’ll find a time machine and jump into this fountain in Geneva 💦

Which one do you like best? 1,2, or 3?! 🤔 Some of my favorite moments in life are the unplanned ones. 🌾These past couple weeks have proven to be crazy ones. Life takes a lot of big turns and that’s OKAY! 💫 The universe has a plan and to follow that plan can be hard but definitely worthy of trying. 🌝

Today was my honorary 4th of July since I spent my 4th in England. 💫❤️💙 SIDE NOTE my little brother takes a great photo... next Annie Leibovitz 📸 shop #target for your summer pool flat!! ☀️