Learn about Gina Zo!

Hey everyone!

Thank you for stopping by my site! I am so excited to get to share my journey with you as a musician, artist, and lover of everything artsy! I was born and raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania. By 18 I feel like I have accomplished so much but still have so far to go. I will be a biology student next fall but right now am focused on my passion of music.

The stage has always been my place of wonder. Since the age of four I have been performing in dance recitals, competitions, and musicals. I was never a shy person, so stepping up onto a stage never scared me. I got my start on a stage in a West Chester bar called The Note playing an opening act and have since then been writing music and working on musicals at my high school, singing in the community choirs, and doing open mic nights. I have gotten to travel to Italy to sing in multiple cities including Vatican City, itself. My most recent accomplishment is being on Team Blake of Season 10 of The Voice! This has brought me such amazing success.

I look forward to you all seeing me take my music to the next level! I hope to be a role model to you all who are viewing my website, to show you that with focus and determination dreams do come true. You can be a student and a musician; I am standing here to say that that is possible. Never give up on your dreams even when it is hard.

I have never been more excited in my life to put something out into the world than with my music and arts talents. I appreciate everyone’s never ending support and cannot wait to hopefully meet each and every one of you soon! Please feel free to subscribe to my mailing list for updates and posts from me personally.

Thank you for being you.