Who is Zo?

The word, “no” is not in Gina Castanzo’s vocabulary… Even as a little girl, she felt called to perform and take the mic. Her first time knowing she loved performing was in fifth grade when she performed “The Other Side of Me,” at her school talent show. She loved lining up rehearsals, choreographing the backup dancers, and choosing their outfits. She knew she was destined for greatness in music. Even though initially her singing talent was not her best strength, her belief in herself and desire to perform overlooked her areas of weakness. “As a child I would sing and knew I was horrible, actually awful, but I just knew it was what I wanted to do.” She got her first guitar and began singing to her favorite music, something clicked for her. She eventually took voice lessons and against all odds, was given the opportunity at the age 17 to embark on a new singing journey with her time on NBC’s, The Voice.


The auditions for the show took place in New York City and she knew it was her time. She spent nights in her hotel room writing music feeling so excited about the new part of her journey. She knew, the word “no” would only propel her father. “I had the gut instinct I was in the right spot and also that this was probably only temporary.” She took the stage, shook the nerves, was welcomed on Blake Shelton’s team. It was actually her relationship with another coach, Gwen Stefani, who taught her the value of owning her identity and embrace her independence in her music. Even after she was cut from the show, she didn’t let “no” turn her away from her dreams. She reached out to every newspaper and radio station for promotion and eventually put together her band. She learned the value that “no” only means “you make yourself work harder. You don’t let anyone who is better than you sway you from becoming the next best thing.” Knowing herself would be her greatest asset.


Gina was offered a record deal and it was the perfect opportunity for her to know herself. At only eighteen, she was in the studio and on multiple music platforms. She was performing on stage and discovering her own voice. Saying “no” in the music industry isn’t an easy lesson, but it was one that Gina found more and more important to her music career. She learned to say to “yes” to opportunities she’d find for herself. “I performed at places like iHeartRadio because I did it, no one else did it for me. No matter what I was signed to or for, I was the one pushing myself.” This time helped her know herself when she was in between responsibilities and and what her heart says is right. Gina was discovering that despite the fact that “the brain and heart are two different power house organs,” she was learning the power of having no limits.


Having a desire to pursue dreams requires there to be no limits. Gina’s music is about self-discovery and the pursuit of finding her voice. She’s coming into a new place of independence in her life and thrilled with the opportunities coming her way. She’s excited to bring people on her journey. She’s got great plans ahead, traveling to different countries and meeting new people. Her music is an extension of Gina and a great way for her to explore herself and her desire to grow and go.  She’s focused on meeting people that enjoy the earth, feel the sun on their skin, and be themselves. “Zoey’s are people who can be themselves for themselves. If you can be happy under the stars, then you can be happy doing anything.”